Prefabricated Insoles

There are numerous over the counter insoles available. Some are more useful than others. Many people try insoles that simply have very little function ande are better described as shoe fillers.

Some commercially available insoles give excellent benefit and can offer immediate relief for an acutely painful foot. The question is whether there is an underlying biomechanical problem that needs to be addressed or whether this is a 'one-off' acute episode of pain that will settle. This should be assessed by an appropriately trained practitioner.

In general over the counter insoles should not be too rigid as these change the posture of the foot and this could in theory exacerbate the problem. For that reason I would recommend that an initial diagnosis should be made by a professional who can then advise on the most appropriate orthosis whether custom made or commercially available.

There are numerous products available and some patients arrive in clinic with bags of expensive and unsuitable insoles. These products are widely advertised on the internet and newspapers and have a variable record as to effectiveness and in some cases are clearly never going to resolve the presenting problem.